Protect yourself from while playing online poker

Use an encrypted network

Even if you do some research and choose the most reliable online casino, cybercriminals may be able to view your activity and access your personal data if the connection is not encrypted. For example, if you’re playing poker over a public Wi-Fi connection, you’re distributing your personal data to hackers. This results in the loss of privacy, personal information and sensitive data, making it vulnerable to cybercrime. To avoid this, use a VPN to hide the IP address and encrypt online traffic so that cybercriminals cannot see it.

An additional benefit of using a VPN is access to geographically restricted content. Some games and websites are only available in some areas, and VPNs allow you to bypass these restrictions and play wherever you like.

Enable two-step authentication

Two-step verification basically provides an additional layer of security when you log in to your casino account. Therefore, after entering your username and password, you must also enter the security code you received in text on your mobile phone. Some casinos go one step further and send a small device that displays a randomly generated temporary code to use when logging in. This ensures that only the account owner can access the website. This can take a few seconds longer in the login process, but don’t be too careful if you make a lot of money in poker.

Create a secure password

What is the password used to log in? Is it password123? Qwerty123? Or is it a longer average password, but the same one you use on all websites? That way, it’s like inviting a hacker to break your account. No one likes to generate a strong password every time they create a new account, but the problem is that using a less secure password puts your money and personal data at risk.

  • Unfortunately, research shows that online users have a fairly bad password habit.
  • 91% understand the risk of using the wrong password, but 60% understand it anyway.
  • 50% of workers use the same password for their personal and work accounts.
  • On average, online users have the same password on 14 websites.
  • Even if the online casino uses good security protocols, a hacker can break into your casino account if another website with the same password is compromised. To avoid this, combine uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters to create a new password, especially for your poker account, and don’t share it with others.

Install a good antivirus

Are you still using free antivirus for web surfing? To make matters worse, is there no antivirus software at all? It may cost you. No one likes to spend money on antivirus, but when you play poker online, you need to have antivirus. Paid versions of antivirus software can detect malware that the free version can slip on and update more frequently, leaving you protected from the latest threats.

No matter how excited you are when you start playing poker online, don’t forget to take these safety precautions in advance. Gambling platforms are often the target of cybercriminals, so their job should not be easy.