Staying Safe While Playing Online Poker

The global online poker industry is experiencing a boom. Blessed with digital transformation and the closure of athletics casinos for most of 2020, online poker has become one of the most fascinating past eras for both poker veterans and beginners who want to try their luck. According to the latest counts, there are over 100 million online poker players, 60% of whom are in the United States alone. That number is expected to grow further over the next few years, with the market expected to reach $ 100 billion by 2026. It’s no wonder people want to start playing poker online. It’s simple and convenient, and the benefits offered by online gambling platforms are very attractive. However, there are some risks to be aware of before you create an account and start playing.

Like any other online activity that involves money (the average player spends nearly $ 4,000 a year at the poker table!), Poker attracts cybercrime. Hacker practices have evolved significantly in recent years, and if you’re not careful, the profits you’ve been patiently earning on your poker account can disappear overnight. Here are five tips that can protect you from hackers and help you stay safe while playing poker online:

Choose your online casino carefully.

A secure online gambling experience begins with the casino operator. Gamblers these days are content with their choices, but not all platforms there are running on the latest online security standards. You shouldn’t trust a shaded casino with money, just as you wouldn’t add a credit card to an online store with poor web design, no SSL certificate, and no positive reviews. Before creating an account, please check the following:

Is the casino licensed?

Authorized casinos have been audited by gambling authorities and have passed rigorous checks in terms of both security and the overall user experience. Licensed casinos are not affected by hacker attacks, but if this happens you can get your money back, but there is no guarantee for non-licensed casinos.

What technology do they use?

A good online casino should be based on casino software such as Microgaming, Playtech, Novomatic, and other providers with a perfect track record.
What payment options do they offer? A good website should offer you some payment options.

Do they have a positive review?

What is customer support like? Will they respond quickly or will it take more than two business days to respond to a player’s complaint?
Many people are fascinated by dubious websites that promise too big bonuses and promotions, but find that the website is fraudulent or contains a large fee for withdrawals in fine print. To avoid that, take the time to research some casino platforms, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and learn to look beyond their flashy ads.